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Our History

Founder and profound leader of TKT brand and owner of numerous other business ventures truly models his life around the moto “its better to give than receive”. Tyrone has been dedicating his own time and finances to trying to provide smiles on Christmas since 2013. With the heart of gold he possesses he gladly approved a back to school drive presented by one of the employees at TKT Premier Cuts Barbershop. The first drive was initiated back in 2015 and has now become an annual drive. The primary purpose to help teach that our communities have to work together in order to see our future leaders succeed.

Since starting the back to school drive Tyrone has held Thanksgiving turkey basket give-aways,  continued to provide families help with Christmas, and the humble leader has and still mentors many. A team was ultimately built together because of the TKT brand. This phenomenal team has grown the love and passion to see the youth and families of today smile and realize they too hold the power to change their life-styles.

Through Tyrone’s leadership and momentum to reach many it was time to enter the non-profit world. Thus, 1 Village Inc was born! Our hopes, with the help of the community and our current supporters is to gain the trust of the people in many communities who have given up or just need help. Our goal for them is to want a better life not only for themselves and children but those surrounding them.

Our Purpose

Remember the old saying “it is better to give than to receive”… founder and profound leader Tyrone Hicks lives by this moto. With the primary purpose to help teach that all communities have to work together in order to succeed by building bridges amongst one another. Our hopes along side with the assistance from the community and our current supporters is to gain the trust of those who just may need the uplifting and educating to sustain themselves and their families.

Our mission

1 Village Inc is non-profit organization that strives to help educate, encourage, and promote a healthier life style for disadvantage youth and their families.

Our goal

Advocate for a solid foundation by helping to enrich a brighter future for today’s youth and families

Who we help

Envision being a parent with kids and knowing that you are doing your all day to day but it still feels like it just isn’t enough. The new school year, thanksgiving, Christmas, or your child is need and you have run out of resources, what are your options? 1 Village wants to help fill in that gap and be that village that is there to help educate, support, encourage and promote that healthier life style. Whether it be by just a an ear to listen, a school supply list that you can’t fulfill, or need a mentor for your youth, 1 Village focus is to become part of your family.

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